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DPS History

  • Kyowon ‘Doyose Incentive ‘production.
  • Appointed as Animation Pilot production supporting project (by KOCCA). Currently developing ‘Harps and Friends’.
  • Kyowon ‘Doyose Members Alphabet & Phonics’ production.
  • Gangwon-Do local cultural project, ‘Forgotten Kingdom Mac’, PR video production.
  • ‘Cloud Bread’ season 3 aired on KBS 1TV.
  • Kyowon ‘Doyose Members Course Plus’ production.
  • Kim Yoo Jung novel ‘Dear Ma’ PR video production.
  • TV series ‘Telemonster’ production.
  • Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism appointed ‘The Airport Diary’ characters as Korea’s signature character.
  • Planning & Production of ‘Hold It Tight’.
  • Planning and Production of ‘The Airport Diary’ season3: aired on KBS 1TV.
  • Planning & Production of ‘The Airport Diary SPIN-OFF, Numbers Game’.
  • Planning & Production of ‘The Airport Diary’ season3.
  • Planning & Production of ‘Cloud Bread’ season3.
  • ChunCheon District Court PR Video for ‘Auction Procedure’ production.
  • ‘The Airport Diary’ character products store opened in China GuangZhou Lotte Mart.
  • ‘The Airport Diary’ distributed and exported to Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Planning & Production of ‘The Airport Diary’ Season 2: aired on KBS 1TV.
  • ‘The Airport Diary’ won the Minister prize in Korea Contents Award.
  • Production of ChunCheon District Court PR Video ‘TongGoJae’.
  • Develop ‘Jeju Air’ character.
  • Kyowon ‘Sky 10’ production.
  • Appointed as 2013 Animation free production support business (By KOCCA)
  • Planning & Production of ‘The Airport Diary’ season 1: aired on KBS 2TV.
  • ‘The Airport Diary’ Won France Map-Junior Kid’s Jury award.
  • ‘The Airport Diary’ won the presidential award in Korea Contents Award.
  • ‘Kyeongi Air show appointed The Airport Diary’ character as their character.
  • Planning and Production of Cloud Bread Season 2: aired on KBS 1TV
  • ‘Cloud Bread’ won the prime minister award in Korea contents award.
  • Planning & Production of Cloud Bread season 1: aired on KBS 1TV
  • Appointed as educator for Korea Water Resource Corporation.
  • PR video production foreign master invitation (by KOCCA).
  • Participated in CRS business (by KOCCA).
  • Appointed as Gang Won-Do’s excellent small business.
  • Planning & Production of ‘Let’s Go MBA’: aired on SBS TV.
  • Participated in 2nd phase of CRC project by KOCCA.
  • Agent for an online portal Datum’s mobile cartoon in China.
  • Acquired business rights to novel ‘Dear Ma’.
  • SBS Survival Book Quiz King’s Opening Production.
  • Plan SBS ‘The King’ Pilot.
  • Coordinate 2007 Chuncheon Anitown Festival (CAF)
  • Coordinate & Create ‘Tori Go! Go! ‘Air on KBS2TV/ Direct Marketing and Licensing.
  • ‘Tama’ (30minX26episodes) Post Producing. Air on KBS TV.
  • Co-planning ‘Love to Love’ with SBS.
  • Hansol Education ‘Cloud Bread’ Planning & Producing.
  • Tori Go! Go!’ Executed Licensing business with KBS. Aired on KBS/ Tooniverse.
  • Create ‘Chickenmen’: selected as an excellent pilot production by KOCCA.
  • Planning of ‘Marine Blues’ Animation (joint production of Korea-China).
  • Production of opening for online game ‘MoonShake’
  • DPS Established.
  • Korea Water Resource Corporation promotional video, “Dam of Peace”, production (Real+3D).
  • Develop SBS Official Character ‘Gomi’. Create Manual Book. Create Spot (4 times).
  • Develop National Health Insurance Corporation’s PR screensaver.
  • Create KT & Busan city’s Ubiquitious city project PR Film

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